The house is built from stone quarried in the Cleish Hills and is laid out as a compact tripartite square plan, modern for its time. It hasĀ four storeys plus a mezzanine floor between the ground and first floors. The basement floor is built as a series of vaults and the first floor, features a stunning Grand Salon, the first of its type in Scotland, based on contemporary French design of the time.

The property boasts a wealth of art and antiques, much of which has been in the house for hundreds of years, creating a truly rare guest experience.

Kinross House is located between Lochleven Castle and the town of Kinross and possesses one of the most historic views in Scotland, directly across from the 11th century castle where Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned and finally abdicated. Scottish history has been made on Castle Island with key people setting foot there including Robert the Bruce, Sir William Wallace, John Knox and King Robert II.