Out on Loch Leven is Castle Island, surrounded by water and immersed in history.

Built around 1300, Loch Leven Castle had an important role in Scotland's history for over three hundred years. King Alexander III, was forcibly brought there by his regents when he was 16 years old. During the first war of Scottish Independence (1296 – 1328) the invading English army held the castle but later it was recaptured by forces led by Sir William Wallace, who was immortalised in the film Braveheart.

Robert the Bruce moved part of the royal exchequer to Lochleven. Bruce stayed here in 1313 and 1323 and was the first to use the castle as a prison. Evidently he had confidence in its security’

In 1335 Lochleven withstood an attack from the English – one of only five castles not to fall during David II’s reign (1329-1371).